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Instruction on using the Khaneh Mashruteh Website

Objective of the khaneh mashruteh website is to:

- inform the public on the Iranian Constitution.
- provide a weblog to discuss re-writing of the Mashruteh Constitution with no influcence of religion.
- gather all Iranians around a global idea of freedom for all.

This website contains an international house, and an independant house in each country known as domain.
Each domain has an administrator who is responsible for the domain.
The structure of all domains follow the international house. The administrator can provide feedback to improve the structure of the website.
The main language for all domains is Persian and each administrator of domain is responsible for the language of their country.
For example the DE(german) domain administrator is responsible for the German translation of the persian texts on each page.
Each domain has an CMS facilitating the translation.

The website is managed trough its menu options. some options are links to external sources, but mostly are linked in the mashruteh houses.

A weblog is accessible to all users by clicking on contact us at the bottom of main page.
User will be invited to register and will be guided for further instructions.
All users, no matter which house they use, can discuss Mashruteh constitution around a common table.
all posts in the weblog will be moderate by domain administrator. A post, once approved, will be added to the discussion.

Please send all comments to:

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